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What's an Ad Free Member, LiveWire Patron, or LiveWire Sustainer?
People who care about LiveWire give money to the site, and in return LiveWire shows its gratitude by giving them benefits. You can learn more about the benefits available below under "Compare Benefits."

One of the most attractive reasons to donate is the benefit of being able to turn advertisements off for your account. The amount you give determines your membership level and the benefits that you will receive. Donations play a crucial part in supporting LiveWire, just like LiveWire plays a crucial part in supporting you. Give back to LiveWire.

Compare Benefits: Standard

Support Leader
Ad Free
Minimum Donation
Amount None Apply Now $8.00 $16.00 $16.00 + made a donation of at least $8.00 in the last 60 days
Profile Image None
Advertisements Optional
Membername Changes
Topic Viewing Tracker
Private Browsing
Post Flood Control Off
Message Flood Control Off
Designer Themes
Private Avatars
Maximum Private Avatar Size n/a n/a 64x64 px (30Kb) 128x128 px (45Kb) 128x128 px (60Kb)
Signature Length 140 Chars
2 Lines
140 Chars
2 Lines
210 Chars
3 Lines
255 Chars
4 Lines
255 Chars
4 Lines
Reward Points Per Dollar n/a n/a 10 15 15
Image Basket File Size Limit 1.5 MB 1.5 MB 2.0 MB 2.5 MB 4.0 MB
Image Basket Upload Limit 6 images/day 12 images/day Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mailbox Inbox Limit 25 35 50 75 150
Mailbox Outbox Limit 25 35 50 75 150
Mailbox Storage Limit 50 70 100 150 300

Support Leader
Ad Free

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does my donation last?
A: Your lifetime. Once you become Ad Free or higher you will always have the choice to disable advertisements.

Can I donate for a friend?
A: Yes, you can donate money towards a friend's account or any other account on LiveWire. You can either donate for a friend with PayPal, or mail the donation with a slip of paper inside of the envelope that includes your friend's membername.

Why should I donate? A closer look
Though we keep operating costs to a minimum, LiveWire needs money to operate.
These expenses cause us to look to our members for support.

As a website dedicated to improving the lives of teens everywhere, LiveWire invests all donations back into the organization.

LiveWire is an online community which seeks to provide a fun and confidential place where teens, high school students, and college school students can share their concerns and ideas while receiving support from their peers. LiveWire needs your donations because the revenue generated from banner advertisements is insufficient to support the site. Donations are used to pay our hosting bills.

Donating with PayPal

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