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Support for Teen Problems & Issues
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Alcohol & Substance Support
Already have a dwi attorney? Identify problems, share success stories, and help yourself and your peers.
» I'm scared I'm becoming an alcoholic
326398 23392 Feb. 15 11:17am
Emergency Help Shared Library
Browse eHelp Requests made by your peers to find answers for yourself.
35104 13278 Feb. 18 10:59pm
Friends & Family
Sometimes your friends can be challenging enough without adding your parents and siblings to the equation.
» that pissed me off
377022 44176 Feb. 20 8:20pm
Health, Hygiene & Fitness
Think you might need to see a doctor? Talk to other teens who have made that appointment already. Also share your workout regime and ask about fitness tips! What is mesothelioma anyway?
» Thin nails?
526071 54823 Feb. 24 5:12pm
Mental Health & Emotional Support
Allow your peers to lift you out of the blackness.
In the US call 1-800-784-2433 or 911 if you have suicidal thoughts.
» If You Pretend To Be Someone Whom Your Not
509753 56215 Feb. 24 2:56pm
Pregnancy & Parenting Support
The place for young mothers and fathers.
» So this happened this morning and I'm dying to tell someone
128297 8949 Feb. 13 7:05pm
School & Homework Connection
Help yourself and your peers by exchanging knowledge on high school subjects including English, history, science, and math.
» Best way to teach yourself a new language?
276242 31804 Feb. 24 4:31am
Teen Love & Romance
  Forum Replies Topics Activity Last Post
Dating & Relationships
Get the advice you desire about girlfriends and boyfriends whether you're in a relationship already or thinking of having one soon.
» what does it mean when the guy youre dating
1700664 178274 Today at 6:32am
Questions about sex, GLBT and the multitude of other issues that exist.
» Given Head
2335362 149807 Feb. 23 7:03pm
General Discussion
  Forum Replies Topics Activity Last Post
Animals & The Environment
Household pets, RSPCA, PETA, animal rights, global warming, and concern for our world.
» So i just got a dog
127477 11231 Jan. 29 4:45pm
Brand New Members & Introductions
Are you new to LiveWire? Please introduce yourself and get comfortable using the site!
» I'm new on here
305953 23724 Feb. 20 9:08am
Deep Thoughts & Random Musings
Post sing-a-longs and other complete randomness! Can't find the right forum? Post it here! Also try the Tech and College forums.
» Admin here
9770852 927982 Today at 6:46am
Dreams & Sleep
Discuss the meanings of your nightly dreams with your peers and whether you've experienced lucid (conscious) dreaming.
» I need your opinion
109119 13848 Nov. 9, 2016 3:02pm
Jayspen 1325
Food & Drink
Find ideas for recipes and share your own!
» Best soup flavor
271578 21158 Feb. 12 9:59am
Sine Labore Nihil
Glamour & Fashion
Discuss clothing, makeup, and hair, as well as the pros and cons of natural and artificial beauty.
» Fashion Youtubers
281109 24695 24 minutes ago
Humor & Jokes
Laughter is an excellent remedy for many maladies.
» Just Had A Funny Thought.
205918 19760 Feb. 22 12:45pm
Jobs & Hobbies
Earning money is hard work. Having trouble at work?
» Called me to tell me is his bday
98892 12333 Feb. 23 4:27pm
LiveWire Members of Yore
We honor our oldest members who have used LiveWire the longest.
Minimum requirement of 365 days active on LiveWire to post.
» Fallen soilders
39033 2018 Feb. 21 5:20pm
Race, Ethnicity & Nationality
Questions on race, ethnicity or nationality? The only way to combat racial stereotypes is through study and discussion.
» Elite K-8 school teaches white kids that they're born racist
205690 9395 Jan. 29 1:53pm
Rants & Angry Arguments
Space to let out your inner posting monster.
Warning: Potentially seething & contemptible posts inside.
» Ugh!!! Financial aid is pissing me off
239765 21075 Feb. 24 2:27pm
Religion & Philosophy
Explore your beliefs and learn more about those of your peers. Keep an open mind and leave your prejudices behind.
» Do you accept jesus gift of salvation believing he died n rose again?
501768 21651 Feb. 18 7:34pm
Sports, Hunting & Fishing
High school and professional sports.
» What's your favorite gun?
100144 10637 Feb. 18 6:02am
Politics & The World
  Forum Replies Topics Activity Last Post
LiveWire Around the World
Curious about other cultures? Planning a vacation? This is the place for you. Share thoughts and ask questions about different countries, cultures and languages.
» Going to russia
92412 7829 Jan. 18 10:06am
King Kong
Politics & Government
Where do you stand politically? Arguments are expected, but backing your opinions up with hard facts will create meaningful discussion.
» The HERO is here
546266 26200 Feb. 23 3:18pm
Science & Business
Discuss private/corporate news, new technology, and advances in scientific research.
» business not running good
33809 2517 Feb. 19 12:34am
World News & Current Events
Discuss current and breaking news.
» Soldiers speak out
120891 10691 Jan. 28 4:42am
Art & Entertainment
  Forum Replies Topics Activity Last Post
Art & Creativity
Photography, artwork, creative projects, paintings, crafts and more!
» ANY livewire members own a drafting pencil called rotring 800 or 800+
66801 6413 Jan. 18 6:31pm
Jock F
Film, Television & Performance Art
Discuss and review movies and TV shows. Ask yourself: Do they proliferate positive or negative racial/gender stereotypes? Who is their target audience? What kinds of products are advertised?
» how would you beat a Dalek
414721 46320 Feb. 23 12:44pm
Review artists, songs, and lyrics. Talk about concerts, performances, exhibits, or TV appearances.
» j.cole xx
790310 86861 Feb. 22 12:52pm
The Literature Forum
Discuss novels, poems, short stories or literature of any kind. Or share your own work and get feedback from other members. Remember to respect the work of your peers.
» Learning different languages
190521 27024 Feb. 21 2:53pm
Mark Antony
LiveWire Information
  Forum Replies Topics Activity Last Post
LiveWire news, policy updates, and important information.
12654 216 Jan. 20 1:01am
Bug Report Station
Report bugs to David.
0 745 Dec. 17, 2016 3:53pm
Discuss New Ideas & Suggestions
Share your creative ideas for improving LiveWire, ask questions, and tell us what you think of current features!
68797 5263 Feb. 18 7:31am
Connecting members to moderators through open dialogue.
174149 11911 Feb. 14 6:43am
Support Leader Discussion
Post resources, techniques, and ideas that can help peers.
6981 584 Jan. 29, 2015 5:44pm
Technical Development LiveZillas
Updates on new LiveWire features and updates.
0 1989 May 2, 2015 11:53pm
Vote on New Ideas & Suggestions
Share your creative ideas for improving LiveWire, ask questions, and tell us what you think of current features!
0 615 Jan. 25 5:40pm
El Taco

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