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Panther1122 said in My pulse

I went on elliptical for 1p minutes my pulse was 72-75.  Is that super bad? I'm 25 View Post

Today at 1:06pm
Marshellette said in Where is a good place to leave a secret gif...

Storage box, lockers, someplace you can notify him of the location and have him find it later? A safe place? So you don't actually have to hand him the gi... View Post

Today at 11:23am
cashloan11 said in isn't it paid sex is nothing but the master...

I dont have girlfriend so I am always having paid sex by using proper protections every time and I spent a lot of bucks on it but it did not received a pr... View Post

Today at 7:37am
Beverlyalcock said in What is the importance of essay writing

Writing an essay often seems to be a dreaded challenge amongst college students. whether or not the essay is for a scholarship, a category, or maybe even... View Post

Today at 1:39am
mynameisalexaaaaaaa said in still ghey

still ghey View Post

Jan. 16 10:22pm
solitaire said in FB - I no longer care to be popular

I deleted my FB because I got tired seeing posts of my online friends who are popular. It just makes me feel crappy in comparison bc I don't have many peo... View Post

Jan. 16 6:21pm
bosss said in love is real

love is really, really, really, real and it's suuuuuuuchhhhhh a wonderful feeling View Post

Jan. 16 5:46pm
Friendship is Magic said in Woman causes 146 year old Ringling Bros Cir...

So the circus went on a lengthy search to find a new ringmaster, and announced a mere 4 days ago the the first woman ringmaster would take charge. and alm... View Post

Jan. 16 3:29pm
Kurane said in Yay or Nay?

Yes or no to long distance relationships? Had something happen recently so I'm curious to know what others think on the matter and why. View Post

Jan. 16 9:54am
TricHill said in pretty creeped out...

so i kinda posted on my facebook that i wanted a glow pillow pet. specifically the SEAL one. i was like, i want one of those, no joke im going to get one... View Post

Jan. 16 7:10am
mynameisalexaaaaaaa said in I came here in search for an answer

What song is it that goes "Well I say in the dark, in the dark" It's a female singer. That's all I can remember. View Post

Jan. 16 12:25am
Kalel said in Time to pick the 2016 member of the year

Choose the nominations for a later poll View Post

Jan. 15 8:59pm
SovSull said in yasssssssss

i love to have that boewl movement style we all know and love which is called diarhhea View Post

Jan. 15 8:30pm
Fira said in What is this thread?

Want to know something? Ask here. Know the answer? Post here but if linking is not possible or permitted then do something like in ''delete this thre... View Post

Jan. 15 6:44pm
PollyPocket said in What should I bring to the hospital?

I'm having ankle surgery tomorrow, and I have no idea what I should be bringing to the hospital. Can you help me out? View Post

Jan. 15 2:25pm
Anonymous said in Truely scared I'm pregnant

Hi all, so I started my period 31st December 2016 and had sex that very night, period continued as normal lasted about a week, however a few days ago my n... View Post

Jan. 15 1:07pm
TricHill said in i dont know what they want from me

theres a few people who come in and out of my life but ultimately it always ends in a fight and arguing...theyre just negative and mean to me and make me... View Post

Jan. 15 10:41am
ansdr said in Browsing my cities prison bookings and rele...

From last year, just for the hell of it. I'm seeing alot of my former friends, coworkers and people I used to know. Apparently, we're a city of criminals.... View Post

Jan. 14 8:05pm
Kiweh said in Sup Shitstains..Remember me? I'm back!

:sly:  :ninja:  :sly:  :ninja: View Post

Jan. 14 7:59pm
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