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TricHill said in i am so sick of...

she sees me struggling, depressed, suicidal, etc. but she doesnt really do much to help. she enforced my parent's divorce about 2 years ago. my dad had... View Post

Today at 2:30pm
mynameisalexaaaaaaa said in Gonna die, doesn't matter, that was hard

w00t for the w00t wolf View Post

Today at 9:58am
Friendship is Magic said in This is your week in review!

  • Parisian anti-police riots are still going on 2 weeks after an African man falsely claimed he was anally raped by a police officer during his... View Post

Today at 7:01am
BeautifulCatastrophe said in What color is nicest?

What color eyes do you find sexiest on the opposite sex? View Post

Today at 1:17am
Deeznutz FYC said in You see this site

This my site now View Post

Feb. 18 5:41pm
Deeznutz FYC said in Livewire Lottery 20

Its that time again guys! Send me your points to be entered in the HUGE PRIZE POOL! 10 points = 1 ticket. 1st place: 10,000 points. 2nd place: 5,000 point... View Post

Feb. 18 5:38pm
Deeznutz FYC said in This place sucks!

Right guys View Post

Feb. 18 5:32pm
TricHill said in whats a place you never ever wanna visit/tr...

new york for me View Post

Feb. 18 4:42pm
TricHill said in seriously, antidepressants dont work

for shit. might as well just stop taking them. View Post

Feb. 18 2:43pm
TricHill said in i haaaaave nothing to fucking do tonight

and im depressed about it View Post

Feb. 18 1:28pm
daryl said in Student Was Ashamed Of Her Republican father

A young woman was about to finish her first year of college. Like so many others her age, she considered herself to be a very liberal Democrat, and was ve... View Post

Feb. 18 5:56am
DevilsFavoriteDemon said in Wwe Wrestling Loses 2 Of It's Wrestlers

George "The Animal " Steele Nicole Bass http://e... View Post

Feb. 18 5:47am
young22 said in A million dollars is alot of money

Even on a doctor's salary or with a doctorates it would take 10 years to save up a million dollars. Meanwhile actors and athletes can make 50 million a ye... View Post

Feb. 17 2:33pm
DevilsFavoriteDemon said in I love Hearts Not Broken

I think she's pretty i wish she'd be "Daddy's Girl" :blush: :heart: :love: :tongue: :rolleyes: :devil: View Post

Feb. 17 12:50pm
The Raggedy Doctor said in my thoughts on Fake news

The Trump administration is calling many media outlets fake news saying something Bad about Trump does not make it fake. View Post

Feb. 17 10:39am
MorningStar said in What in the actual fuck did you do?!?!?!

I wouldn't normally care all that much of you shitbirds' opinion of me.  I mean, it's either dislike or nonchalance.  I'm fucking used to all fo... View Post

Feb. 17 9:26am
hearts not broken said in I love European men

Because they're honest. They'll just cut right to the chase and fuck me. None of this headfuck game bullshit American and Canadian men like to play, lying... View Post

Feb. 16 9:32pm
DevilsFavoriteDemon said in I'm new on here

:blush:  :biggrin:  :cool: View Post

Feb. 16 3:48pm
SexyTrex said in weird question lol,

if you were to sell your nudes , how much a picture would you sell them for ? what about video? View Post

Feb. 16 3:27pm
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