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Privacy Policy Terms of Use Community Guidelines Bylaws
Community Guidelines
There are a few guidelines for participation in LiveWire. Please respect these guidelines, and each other.

  • Be civil and supportive
  • Abandon abusive attitudes
  • Make no threats
  • Never encourage harming oneself or others
  • Show respect for race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual preference
  • Do not share or request personal information (address, phone number, school, etc)
  • Avoid using vulgar or abusive language
  • Post neither pornography nor nauseating images
If you would like to know more about LiveWire's guidelines in minute detail, you can read the more lengthy guidelines.
If you feel that your account, post, or other content was moderated in error, it is important to submit a Moderation Error Report.

Forum Etiquette
Read the stickies
Many of your questions have already been answered in the topics that have been "stickied" (which means that they permanently stay at the top of the page). Some stickies provide forum section specific rules, which must be adhered to. Other stickies answer questions which frequently get asked in that forum section. If you post a thread with a similar theme to that of what is contained in a sticky, you'll most likely find your thread locked by moderators.
Before posting your question, search the forum
Your question or comment may have already been discussed, answered, or resolved.
Find which forum your topic best fits in
By placing your topic in the most appropriate forum you are showing your respect for the community, thus you will receive respectful responses.
Stay on topic
These are generally high-traffic forums, so please pay attention to the subject matter of your posts, and check that it still relates to the topic and forum to which you are posting.
Help others
LiveWire is a community, and works best when people share information.
Report inappropriate posts
LiveWire prides itself on being a fun, friendly, and supportive forum. Tell a moderator using the links provided if you see any content that breaks LiveWire's guidelines.
Identify your subject matter
Not everyone has time reading all forum postings. To ensure that your message reach the right people at timely manner, identify your subject matter clearly in the subject line. Subjects like a "question" and "major problem" will not get you the response you desire.
Welcome newcomers
Do not chastise them for not reading the forum etiquette. Make them feel welcome in the community.
Everyone is important, not just you
Do not use all capital letters, excessive question marks (?) or exclamation points (!) in your subject or content.
If you don't have anything to say, don't say it
If a person posts hundreds of posts just saying "LOL", "I have a luverly bunch of coconuts" or a few smilies, nobody is going to take that person seriously. For the people that use LiveWire, respect comes from post content, not post count.
If you don't know the answer
If someone asks a question to which don't know the answer don't respond by saying, "I don't know." It's better to either not respond or, better still, post the membername of someone who might be able to help.
Check your facts
If you're not certain on what you're about to post, Google it and check the facts. No one will listen to you if you keep getting things wrong.
Check your spelling
The best way to avoid being flamed is to ensure that all of your posts are well-written. Taking the time to write coherent sentences and spell out words such as "forget" rather than using lazy slang like "4GET" will earn you more respect in the community.
Confused by a poorly written post?
Ask for clarification, don't mock the author. Post authors vary in age from 13 to 20+ years old, thus levels of education differ significantly. Don't discriminate against someone younger than you. LiveWire is not here to make people feel good about themselves by putting others beneath them.

If you feel that your account, post, or other content was moderated in error, it is important to submit a Moderation Error Report.

You Can Actively Improve Our Community
How you can make a difference when encountering unsupportive or rude members:
  • Tell him or her that their behavior is not accepted in the LiveWire community
  • Report the author for misconduct using the links provided
  • Message a moderator (members with blue names)
What to do when encountering spam:
  • Don't reply to it (it takes moderators longer to remove it if you reply)
  • Report the post for misconduct using the links provided
When to Seek Professional Help
  • When you have thoughts of killing (or otherwise harming) yourself or others
  • When you or someone else is in danger of physical harm
  • When you are unable to care for yourself
  • When you are abusing substances
The LiveWire Peer Support Network cannot, and will not, assume the role of your physician or therapist. If you are in need of help, please contact a Crisis Clinic or a qualified mental health care provider. [ Get Professional Help ]

LiveWire Policy Overview
LiveWire makes a strong effort to take all possible steps towards protecting people from harm, emotional or otherwise. The guidelines above act as a framework for LiveWire's moderators to operate from, but our moderators retain the right to act in their best judgment, even if their actions do not fall neatly within the scope of the guidelines.

Moderator Code of Conduct
  • Moderators shall endeavor to create a positive community
  • Moderators shall not demean, harass, or threaten other members
  • Moderators shall take the questions and problems of members seriously
  • Moderators shall not exert their power over another member unless they are enforcing LiveWire's guidelines
  • Moderators shall strive to be impartial
Consistent Moderation
  • Members denied service are not welcome to return under a new membername
  • Content guidelines are to be applied equally to every forum
  • Friendships with fellow members never justify inaction when action is required
  • Discourage the false notion that a member can get away with what they please so long as they are well liked by a moderator
Duties of LiveWire Moderators
A moderator acts as a filter, firefighter, facilitator, administrator, editor, promoter, expert, helper, participant, and a marketer depending on the time, subject, and situation.

Key activities:

  • Answer questions
  • Keep conversations fresh and interesting
  • Greet newcomers
  • Keep forums and content organized
  • Review misconduct reports
  • Review member generated requests
  • Suggest and vote to deny unruly members service
  • Protect forums from spamming, trolls, and advertising
  • Support LiveWire's acceptable content policies
  • Serve as examples by being outstanding community members
We're always looking for people who enjoy interacting with others online and who are passionate about topics that interest them. If this sounds like you, get involved by applying today!

Duties of LiveWire Administrator David Jones
  • Ensure that LiveWire has an active connection to the internet
  • Organize board meetings
  • Write new features
  • Ensure that the software is functioning correctly
  • Manage finances
  • File taxes, state and federal paperwork
  • Promote and demote moderators
Content You Post on LiveWire
Remember that LiveWire is a free online community open to the public, and other people will have access to your content and could copy, modify or distribute it. When you post content on LiveWire, you are giving LiveWire the right to use that content. We might remove it, edit it, or use it for our advertising. What this means is that LiveWire is not required to remove something you posted, that reply is not your personal property, you have given it to the community and it is has become an integral part of the whole.

More details are available in the LiveWire Terms of Use which you agreed to when you signed up.

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