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have you experienced this?
Replies: 1Last Post Jan. 10 1:59pm by Russ1
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( sofie21  )

I have been with this person for five years. i believe he is my soulmate, on numerous occasions he has read my mind, word for word, even if it was a random thought I wouldn't speak out loud.  he always knows when am not okay, he says he feels my pain and i believe i feels too. He also feels when Im doing something bad. its Crazy.

right now, we are going through a tough time,i have pissed him off and in waking life is is angry at me. In my dreams however, he comes to me with love, still shows me that he is hurt but he tells me he loves me and tells me he is with me. every night we are holding each other in my dreams in different  settings.  

In November  we didn't talk and few times i dreamed about him watching me from afar, later when we actually talked he told me of the things he dreamed about that idid, and I was shocked he knew exactly what i had been up to. During the no contact, i was very depressed and did very odd/careless things,  my dog was very stressed and behaved strange, noticing the shitty time i was in. My guy told me that my pup visited him in his sleep, desperate, asking  to help  me.

he has not talked me in 4 days, and last night I had a dream that he was holding me, we were both crying...i woke very hurt, thinking that he doesn't care and hates me. As i was writing down my feelings....I heard his text for the first time...I went over to my phone and  it said..."I don't Hate You."

I swear...we can communicate in dreams, I'm only giving you few examples, but he is my dream man.

11:31 am on Jan. 10, 2017 | Joined: Jan. 2017 | Days Active: 2
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Not to trample on romance, but it's more likely that he's tracking what you do and say rather than some deep cosmic Vulcan Mind Meld, and you are grasping at straws to make everything he does and say have meaning.

1:59 pm on Jan. 10, 2017 | Joined: Jan. 2017 | Days Active: 30
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