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I messed up....
Replies: 1Last Post Nov. 19, 2016 11:10pm by ChasingVisions95
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( Anonymous )

so yesterday my son was rotton morning forward..He is almost 4 years old and going through a huge boundary pushing phase and he's just lat out mean sometimes.... we don't spank unless he dose something really bad but no more than three times and not hard enough to leave marks, just hard enough to get the point acrosss and then when he calms down we explain what he did... if its not a big deal he gets a time out..

well yesterday he whipped me with an extention cord because i told him he needed to wait for me to fully wake up before i could go in and do the dishes so he could have a bowl of cereal...  so i spanked him. after that he was just horrible all day.. so my husband being the sweetheart he is, was going to take our son with him when he went to his parents to grind up some deer meat and give me a breather.

He sat my son down to tell him what he's been doing is not ok and that being mean and bad is not acceptable behavior... well my son immediately went into the dining room afterwords and put an alligator clip on the cats ear, which scared me so damn bad because my husband had just got done cooking so i thought my son had put the cat on the stove and she was hurting bad.....

I have never spanked my son hard enough to leave any kind of marks that didn't go away within two minutes.. no bruses.... this was.... i was so upset i kept my hands off of him but i did raise my voice.. i was trembling from the adrinaline.. my husband on the other hand lost his temper and spanked him several times....

i feel like the worst mother on the face of the planet... he had no marks or anything last night when i gave him a bath but this morning.... he dose... and it made me feel like i had been punched in the stomach, and i know i derserve ten fold for letting that happen....

my husband... he's not like that on a regular basis... this phase my son is in however is destructive and horrible.. he hurts the animals daily he's been throwing things at me when he's mad and just.... he's like a little brudy teen that thinks the world owes him for some reason.... i know nothing can excuse this... and it won't happen again, i don't care if he gets pissed and leaves me when i tell him about it today at lunch....

i'm not looking to be consoled, i know whats coming my way, and i deserve it... i'm horrble and i feel as much.... i just needed to vent a bit....

9:46 am on Nov. 18, 2016
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Kids learn from the behavior of adults. Obviously he's pushing physical boundaries with you and animals because he's taught physical striking is normal behavior.  

Just a stupid solution to behavioral problems when kids are growing and learning what's acceptable and what isn't. Shit ton of studies linking spanking to more aggressive behavior. Imagine that.

Post edited at 11:11 pm on Nov. 19, 2016 by ChasingVisions95

11:10 pm on Nov. 19, 2016 | Joined: Feb. 2014 | Days Active: 701
Join to learn more about ChasingVisions95 New Hampshire, United States | Bisexual Female | Posts: 2,935 | Points: 23,424
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