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"You're a N----!" - is violent response justified?
If the person is Black and is called the
Replies: 108Last Post May 17, 2012 12:14pm by jakelong
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Choice Votes Percent  
No violence is justified (I'm white) 24 66%
Yes, violence is justified (white) 3 8%
No violence is justified (I'm Black) 1 2%
Yes, violence is justified (I'm Black)) 0 0%
No violence is justified (I'm other) 3 8%
Yes, violentce is justified (I'm other) 1 2%
Null vote 4 11%
Vote Now! 36 Votes Cast

Enlightened One

when will whitey learn that words can have serious consequences?
i mean justified or not, would you really risk an ass whoopin just so you can say one word? if someone offends you to the point where you want to steal him, is the first thought "will this be justified?" no.. you want to knock his block off cuz he disrespected you.
the justified shit only works in court. there is no judge or jury in the streets so you may be sentenced to an ass whoopin without trial.

i could care less about who uses the word myself but why do white people get so asspained b on this issue. nobody is stopping you from saying that word. but I take no responsibility for any negative outcome you receive.

is this not common sense?

look me in my face. i ain't got no worries.

2:55 am on May 5, 2012 | Joined: Oct. 2008 | Days Active: 749
Join to learn more about trendZ District Of Columbia, United States | Straight Male | Posts: 23,527 | Points: 15,994
LiveWire Humor


I'm black and no violence is justified, but it wouldn't bother me if someone got beat up over it. Some people take it seriously

I'd like a bocan darble chaise barger!

7:44 am on May 12, 2012 | Joined: July 2006 | Days Active: 847
Join to learn more about Koopsey Louisiana, United States | Straight Female | Posts: 12,299 | Points: -22,054
Cosmo Brown


I don't think violence is justified.  If someone calls you the N word, you should be like "lolok" and walk away.

Come on with the rain, I've a smile on my face.

Moses supposes his toeses are roses but Moses supposes erroneously.

10:03 am on May 12, 2012 | Joined: April 2008 | Days Active: 687
Join to learn more about Cosmo Brown France | Straight Female | Posts: 25,212 | Points: 30,328


Ad Free
When you come down to it you can use any slur and use it to justify violence.

The N word is the worst in the bunch because of the history and backgrounf behind it. But I seem ppl get into fights for less than that and they felt justified.

You insult someone's sister or mother in some groups and you get more violence than a racial slur.

"Everyone helpin' each other whenever they can we makin' it
happen, from nothin' to somethin' That's how we be survivin'" - BEP

12:14 pm on May 17, 2012 | Joined: Aug. 2005 | Days Active: 1,065
Join to learn more about jakelong California, United States | Straight Male | Posts: 18,773 | Points: 29,577
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