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Mental Health & Emotional Support Guidelines
Please read before posting
Replies: 0Last Post Mar. 5, 2012 6:42am by greatescape
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Web Resources: Suicide Myths Dispelled, Suicide Information
USA Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
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&& we'll all float on okay


Please be supportive and sensitive in this forum.

Livewire's Mental Health & Emotional Support forum is a place for you to give and receive support. Nobody's problems are insignificant. Please keep in mind that the topics in this forum are often extremely personal and sensitive in nature, and you must think before you post!

Forum Guidelines

  • Encouraging harm or killing of self or others will be taken extremely seriously in this forum. It is not permitted in any context
  • Posts that do not offer any support, advice or contribution to the topic are not permitted. This will be enforced more strictly than in social forums
  • Please do not instigate or participate in flame wars. Many of the members seeking help here are dealing with sensitive issues. Even if you disagree, find a way to do so that does not demean or belittle others.
  • Do not simply tell somebody that they are seeking attention (attention-seeking is a problem in itself and does not mean someone doesn't need help), or that their problems are insignificant, or that they should just be tougher, get over it or put up with it
  • This forum contains sensitive people. They are often very emotional and experiencing intense feelings. They may not type in perfect English, and this is perfectly okay - do not criticise a person's typing/grammar.
  • It is nice to encourage people to message you if they need to talk. However, try to say something more than "pm me" as it isn't very helpful.
  • Please do not post Pro-Ana/Pro-Mia/Etc. sites simply for the purpose of encouraging people.
  • Discussions about Pro-ana or Pro-mia is acceptable, but if a member is requesting support on an eating disorder, or it's just a general topic, do not give links to those kinds of sites.
  • Do not glorify eating disorders. This is a zero tolerance policy. Any post which we feel encourages or glorifies harming yourself will be deleted. This is dangerous behaviour and not what our site is about. It is not okay, cute, or anything of the sort to make those types of attention seeking topics and we will not condone it. An example of this would be the best way to make yourself throw up, or how to starve yourself more effectively, etc. This type of behaviour can be seen as self harm, which is a violation of LiveWire's guidelines.
  • SUICIDE: We are unable to offer advice directly relating to suicide, for legal reasons. If you post about contemplating suicide, we may need to edit or remove your post. Try to focus on explaining your situation or feelings in other ways - we want to help and support you as much as we can! Have a look at these helplines or consider our Emergency Help resources.

If you see a post you think is not appropriate, please fight back by reporting it! Click "Report Post" under their post.

"We're all Heliogabalus, Bill"

6:42 am on Mar. 5, 2012 | Joined: July 2007 | Days Active: 1,606
Join to learn more about greatescape Wisconsin, United States | Queer Female | Posts: 42,466 | Points: 62,011
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  LiveWire / Teen Forums / Mental Health & Emotional Support / Viewing Topic