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Replies: 3Last Post April 1, 2012 5:01pm by Waddiwasi
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( Swallowtail  )

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So excited! Going to college next year! I've already signed up for orientation and I'm working on my housing app right now and I already bought my new bedding for my dorm! It's super cute! And I was wondering if I should try to join a sorority or not? Is it fun being in a sorority and what do y'all do and is there a sorority that y'all would particularlly recommend! So excited!!

4:31 pm on April 1, 2012 | Joined: Nov. 2011 | Days Active: 172
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I know at my school, you have to pay a nice amount of money to join a sorority. As for what they do, it varied from house to house and from school to school. The best way to find out would be to contact the head of one.

I personally have never been in one, but I know of people who have joined Greek houses and they loved them. It all depends on what you like and what not.

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4:44 pm on April 1, 2012 | Joined: June 2008 | Days Active: 1,298
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The advantage of sororities is that you meet a lot of people, get into a lot of activities, and end up making a lot of bonds for life. It's a lot of fun, for sure.
Some of the activities can be put on your resume in the future and depending on how active of a leadership role you have, can really help you get your foot in the door of some businesses later. It's really never too early to think about that, as boring as it sounds now.
The downside is usually the dues that you have to pay every year, which can be very expensive, but otherwise sororities are pretty good. Not everybody ends up living in the actual house, since you have to be invited to live there, but they're really nice.

I'd say try it. You'll have a lot of fun at pledge events, and if you decide you don't like it later on you can always get out of a sorority. I'm sure you'll end up loving it though. :)

4:45 pm on April 1, 2012 | Joined: Feb. 2012 | Days Active: 4
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I'm really not into sororities. I think the whole "paying for friends" thing is kind of fake. And you have to be super fake and nice to all of them to get them to like you in the first place, and they "invite" you to join them. It just seems ridiculous to me.
BUT my sister is in one. And she likes it. I guess I'm just too independent.


5:01 pm on April 1, 2012 | Joined: Sep. 2006 | Days Active: 391
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