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Forum Guidelines. Please Read.
Things you need to know when posting in this forum
Replies: 0Last Post Feb. 13, 2008 1:41pm by Prince o palities
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( Prince o palities  )

Racism or black comedy?


LiveWire is a peer support forum.  The overarching purpose of the site is having a place for teens and college age students to come with their problems and get advice from their peers in a safe and supportive environment.

That having been said, we recognize that this forum is not in the support portion of the site and that much of what goes on here is not teens coming with religious problems seeking help.  This fact does not, however, somehow nullify what is the overarching theme of LiveWire.  Thus, the Religion and Philosophy forum will be a place of relative civility where all member may feel safe to express and explore their beliefs without fear of molestation.

The religion forum does not have any special guidelines aside from the general guidelines of the site as some forums do.  However, what follow are how one might expect to find these guidelines enforced in the Religion and Philosophy forum.

  • The LiveWire guideline dealing with discriminatory content specifically names religion as one of the areas which members are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of. As such, topics and comments aimed to personally attack or demean another member based on their religion, philosophy, and/or ethical system will not be tolerated. Additionally, posts that are deemed to be excessively vulgar or discriminatory towards a religious group will not be allowed.

  • LiveWire prohibits topics that are solely meant to seek attention.  Thus, topics which have no other discernable purpose except to stir up controversy will be deleted.  An example might be "All homosexuals should be stoned, because the Bible says so."

  • LiveWire requires that posts in a topic contribute to that topic.  The temptation in threads about ideologies is to automatically disagree with a poster who espouses a belief you find offensive or unacceptable.  Inasmuch as those posts don't contribute to topics, they will be removed.  For example, posting "I don't talk to imaginary friends" in a topic made by a Christian wanting to know about prayer is unacceptable.  The same is also true of a post such as "believing in God is the only way to escape hell" in a topic made by an atheist expressing a new found lack of belief in a deity.

  • LiveWire prohibits spamming, that is the posting of pointless material.  To that end, the Religion and Philosophy forum will not tolerate topics without original material by the author.  Copy and paste topics from polemical sites of any nature are forbidden.  Posting links, images, or videos without authorial input are forbidden.  This is spam.

  • Topics with the primary purpose of evangelizing the forum or seeking attention will be relocated to Deep Thoughts and Random Musings, as they do not mesh with the purposes and goals of this forum (discussion and support).

Regardless of what may have been perceived enforcement of these rules up until this point, these are the rules and they will be enforced as stated.  This is not, nor should it be taken as, an exhaustive list of the rules and how they are enforced.  This list is subject to editing and should be referenced regularly by those wishing to understand enforcement in this forum.
The Religion and Philosophy forum will conform to the supportive, positive image and goals of LiveWire.  Posts and topics which do not will not remain.

Post edited at 6:48 pm on July 7, 2009 by greatescape

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1:41 pm on Feb. 13, 2008 | Joined: Nov. 2002 | Days Active: 1,546
Join to learn more about Prince o palities Tennessee, United States | Straight Male | Posts: 34,469 | Points: 62,098
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