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Chloral Hydrate (+alcohol=knockout drops/mickey finn)
Replies: 1Last Post Aug. 31, 2008 7:21pm by aphex twin
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I saw my ex boyfriend yesterday. He's a sketchy bastard by the way. Neurotic meth head. Anywho he was like "I want to show you something" and he brings out a massive bottle of chloral hydrate, which is the oldest sleeping medication and similar to chloroform. It's what they put with booze to make knockout drops or "mickey finn". It's what killed Anna Nicole Smith.

I was shocked because for one the bottle is something a pharmacist would have, not a take home amount (not that a sane DR would let someone take chloral hydrate home with them it's addictive as barbs, liquor, ether).

He said he has ether as well. He said he just found them in an abandoned building. It's so weird, I don't know what he'll do with it all. He hates sleeping pills.  Can you get high off it?

At first I thought it was just gear (crystal meth) because it looks kinda like that but it would have had to be like 20,000 worth if it was.

I don't like that he has those sort of drugs because he's such an untrustworthy person and his room mate is someone he hates and I'm good friends with.

Oh well if anyone goes down and the screen shows chloral hydrate we'll know he did it.

What do you guys know about the drug? Can it be abused? And Do you know anything about ether? I know that can fuck you up.

Sorry if I'm not making sense I just woke up and I think I took all my temazepam last night can't remember lol.

6:19 pm on Aug. 31, 2008 | Joined: May 2006 | Days Active: 677
Join to learn more about Poker Shark Australia | Male | Posts: 13,521 | Points: 21,644
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aphex twin

Chloral hydrate is not something to fuck around with. It has no recreational value, meaning it doesn't really get you high. It just causes extreme sedation and intoxication, along with anterograde amnesia, meaning you're going to black out. Which is why it was used in mickey finn's, the waitress just had to slip some of this stuff into someones drink, and then they could rob him without resistance, and the victim had no recollection of the event.

Chloral hydrate is a very dangerous drug. It has a razor sharp dose-response curve and poor therapeutic index, meaning the difference between a threshold dose, a therapeutic dose, and a lethal dose is very small, so simply taking slightly too much can be fatal. And considering that he just found them, there's no way to know how concentrated they are.
It causes many highly unpleasant side effects. Physical addiction develops rapidly and the withdrawal symptoms are similar to those of barbiturates and alcohol, and can also be fatal. If taken with any frequency, it can cause severe damage to the liver.

And because of this drugs sharp dose-response curve, if you take too little of a dose, it wont produce any effect, but if you take only slightly more, you black out.

Legalization, regulation, and taxation
is the only solution to the drug problem.

7:21 pm on Aug. 31, 2008 | Joined: July 2005 | Days Active: 1,174
Join to learn more about aphex twin Nevada, United States | Label Free Male | Posts: 1,606 | Points: 13,530
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