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Sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G...
do you know the whole song?
Replies: 50Last Post Feb. 7, 2011 4:06pm by lostinstereo
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i think someone is hiding their fear behind their sarcasm

8:23 pm on July 8, 2005 | Joined: June 2005 | Days Active: 30
Join to learn more about IronOmega Texas, United States | Straight Male | Posts: 222 | Points: 524
LiveWire Humor

i always knew it as *guy's name* with the baby carriage, not just *baby*...

8:29 pm on July 8, 2005 | Joined: Oct. 2003 | Days Active: 1,708
Join to learn more about bigred23 Pennsylvania, United States | GLBT Ally Female | Posts: 13,404 | Points: 38,142


Quote: from Nationwide c rocc at 10:20 pm on July 8, 2005

Quote: from jkwsouthpimpin12 at 8:17 pm on July 8, 2005

Jesus balls people. I love getting you all so worked up. BAHAHAHAH. Wow. I got called a "wigga" and a "cow" in one night. Scoreeeeeeeeee
there you go elongating the wrong part of a word again

What if I really say my words like that? Like scorEEEEEEEE. It could happen.

Yeaaaah, I'm still here.

10:37 pm on July 8, 2005 | Joined: May 2004 | Days Active: 528
Join to learn more about jkwsouthpimpin12 Wisconsin, United States | Straight Female | Posts: 13,689 | Points: 22,916

John and Marissa sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes an abrupt,
tragic miscarriage,
then comes blame,
then comes despair,
two hearts damaged beyond repair...
Johnny leaves Marissa,
and takes the tree,

Post edited at 9:29 pm on Jan. 9, 2010 by casterbur

9:27 pm on Jan. 9, 2010 | Joined: Jan. 2010 | Days Active: 1
Join to learn more about casterbur | Posts: 1 | Points: 11

Lawn Care Specialist
Umm... I mainly say the male name first so it's <br> John and Mary sitting in a tree <br> K-I-S-S-I-N-G <br> First Comes love, <br> Them Comes Marriage,  <br> Then comes (female name)Mary with the baby Carriage! <br> Sucking his thumb, <br> Wetting his pants, <br> Doing the hula-hula dance! <br> Not too big, <br> Not too small, <br> Just the size of a doody ball! <p> OR, you can say it: <br> John and Mary <br> Sitting in a tree, <br> doing what they shouldn't be! <br> Starts with S, <br> Ends with X, <br> Oh my god it must be sex! <p> Or <br> John and Mary <br> Sitting on a log, <br> They fell off and had a snog! <p> Or <br> . <br> . <br> . <br> I could really go on for quite a while...

5:26 pm on May 5, 2010 | Joined: May 2010 | Days Active: 4
Join to learn more about funnydude123 United States | Posts: 53 | Points: 98

so and so sittin in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g first comes love then marriage then comes the baby in the baby carrage thats not all thats not all here comes the baby jumping over so and so donin it

4:06 pm on Feb. 7, 2011 | Joined: Feb. 2011 | Days Active: 1
Join to learn more about lostinstereo United States | Posts: 1 | Points: 11
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