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Dead Man on Balcony Mistaken for Halloween Prop for a Week
Replies: 3Last Post Oct. 17, 2009 1:37pm by purplesquid91
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'Weekend At Bernie's'-Like Scene Unfolds in MDR

By Dennis Romero in City News, community, coroner, media, odd news
Fri., Oct. 16 2009 @ 1:02PM

Authorities called to an apartment complex in Marina Del Rey last night discovered the body of a man slumped on a third-floor balcony. The deceased, said to be about 75, had suffered a gunshot wound, thought to be self-inflicted. The twist: Neighbors had seen the body, in plain view, over the much of the week but dismissed it as a Halloween prop.

Austin Raishbrook, director of RMG News, said he heard the report of a body broadcast on a Sheriff's frequency about 5:30 p.m. yesterday and went to the scene at
13914 Bora Bora Way to shoot stringer video himself.

"One neighbor said he saw the body on Monday but didn't do anything about it because It looked like a Halloween prop," Raishbrook told LA Weekly. "You could see the body in plain view on the third floor. It did look unreal."

He says someone finally did call authorities -- likely because "blood had dripped from the third floor to two balconies below. It wasn't a pleasant scene."

"It did look like a dummy," he says. "I do have some gruesome video."

Officials told Raishbrook, he says, that the fatal wound appeared to be self-inflicted.

"A couple of women walked passed with stollers," he said. "They couldn't believe it happened in the neighborhood. There was disbelief."

That's pretty awesome. They should have left him until Halloween was over.

I'ma Jew homie we gonna die.
Yo get the keys to the ride homie we gotta fly.
We gotta flee c'mon I got me some rocks.
I got some weed in my sock homie we gettin high.

1:24 pm on Oct. 17, 2009 | Joined: July 2008 | Days Active: 441
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hahahahahahahahhahaha what a failure

1:25 pm on Oct. 17, 2009 | Joined: Mar. 2005 | Days Active: 1,875
Join to learn more about Praise the Lard New York, United States | Posts: 21,848 | Points: 75,009

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hehe....he should be awarded best halloween costume

Balance Your Brain

1:26 pm on Oct. 17, 2009 | Joined: July 2005 | Days Active: 902
Join to learn more about oridniv Ontario, Canada | Straight Female | Posts: 19,378 | Points: 35,595

omg hilarious

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1:37 pm on Oct. 17, 2009 | Joined: Sep. 2009 | Days Active: 107
Join to learn more about purplesquid91 Kentucky, United States | Bisexual Female | Posts: 6,974 | Points: 8,219
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