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The Political Teen || Forum Guidelines
Please read before proceeding further.
Replies: 0Last Post Aug. 15, 2009 6:39pm by Anonymous
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( Anonymous )

Welcome to The Political Teen forum!  
This forum is generally designed to promote discussion pertaining to government, policies, and socioeconomic welfare. We do however acknowledge that any large scale interaction between human beings can be considered political, and thus the discussion can also include topics dealing with corporate, academic, and religious institutions.  
Livewire encourages an open dialogue between members to discuss their views on a guideline-relevant issue, but the precursor to posting here demands for the capacity to present your ideas flexibly. General forum guidelines still apply.  


  • Finding out where you fall in today's complex political landscape can often be helpful in thinking about political issues. For this, taking The Political Compass test and reporting your score might be of interest to you.  
  • Understanding the intricate nature of the subject matter can be helpful in your choice of topic placement. Before submitting a topic within The Political Teen forum, please consider some alternatives: Race, Ethnicity & Nationality, Science & Business, Religion & Philosophy, World News & Current Events. If your topic doesn't fit the exacting criteria used for political topics, you may find your topic moved into a more suitable environment.  
  • While it's not a prerequisite to know the ins-and-outs of political discussion, you are encouraged to show some acknowledgment of the various positions being presented before responding. Not doing so is not only detrimental to the discussion but also to the integrity of the forum itself. If this is done repetitively, you may find your posts removed for non-contribution.  
  • Please express your views respectfully and intelligently. Due to the passionate nature of political discussion, you may often find yourself frustrated by your opponent. At times, rethinking or rephrasing can help alleviate some of the discrepancies you're bound to face. Please try to refrain from direct attacks on other posters simply because of their differing viewpoint. Accordingly, if the topic devolves into pointless flaming, you may find the topic locked and your replies removed.
  • And finally, due to the dynamic nature of current events, Forum Stickies will be used much more prevalently in this forum. If a topic you're about to make is already stuck, you may find it much more convenient to simply reply there. In some cases, if a topic is done excessively, you may most certainly be required to utilize the sticky much more as to not dilute the pre-existing content.

Post edited at 3:15 pm on Oct. 14, 2012 by Daedalus

6:39 pm on Aug. 15, 2009
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